Play-Doh Slime Dino Crew Lava Bones Island Review

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Editor's Review

This set comes with four colorful slime eggs, a dinosaur mold, dinosaur parts, and more. The eggs are filled with slippery-smooth Play-Doh Slime HydroGlitz compound to make the toy volcano erupt and fill the valley below with pretend lava. Each egg also contains mini dino bones to discover along the way. Fill the clear dino mold with the skeleton and the Play-Doh Slime lava to make your own dinosaur! You can place the blue dinosaur on top of the lava and turn him around to make it appear as if he’s flying over the fiery eruption.

Play-Doh Slime Dino Crew Lava Bones Island

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Great for dinosaur fans. There’s some fun role playing here and slime is always a plus for kids.

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