Let’s Go Fishin’ 123 in the Sea and The Floor Is Lava Review

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Editor's Review

With two new games from Goliath, kids will find themselves playing in water and lava – in a pretend way, of course.

Go fishing for numbers and shapes when you play Let’s Go Fishin’ 123 in the Sea. Before you start playing, each player will choose a shape that will be their shape for the rest of the game. Then, on your turn, spin the anchor on the side of the fishing rod to see which number you must fish for. All of the fish will be turned so that you can’t see the number or shape underneath them. Extend the fishing line and connect the magnet to the metal pieces around the mouth of a fish. Reel it in and check the number to see if it matches the number you spun. If it does match the number, you score a point. And if it matches the number and your shape, you get a bonus point. If you don’t make a number match, the fish goes back into the play area. Once a player has caught five fish, tally up everyone’s points, and the player with the most points wins. The game comes with a fishing rod, 20 fish, and a sticker sheet. It’s for one to four players ages 4 and up.

Take the “floor is lava” challenge to a new level with The Floor is Lava game. Place the 25 foam floor tiles around the room, and when a color is spun, all players must rush to stand on a tile of that color. If you’re the last to reach safety, the tile you started on gets removed from the game. As you’re moving, don’t touch the floor or you’re out! If you land on a tile with a question mark on it, it’s time to draw a challenge card. You must perform the action on the card without falling into the lava – or you’re out! Challenges include “act like you are talking on the phone” and “jump up and down three times”. The game itself gets more challenging as more players and tiles are removed. The last player standing is the winner. The game comes with a game spinner card, 25 colored foam “safety stones”, and 27 challenge cards. You’ll need two to six players age 5 and up.

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Let’s Go Fishin’ 123 in the Sea is a fun way to help kids with number and shape recognition, plus it also works matching and memory skills. Kids will like turning the fishing rod’s handle to extend and reel in the fishing line, kind of like a real fishing rod. This game would be fun for pretend play, too.

The Floor is Lava is a fun and active game that gives kids actual game pieces instead of taking off all the pillows and cushions from the living room couch. The challenge cards add an extra layer of competition and skill. This is another game where kids could use the game pieces for pretend play.


Pros (Let’s Go Fishin’) 

Helps kids with number and shape recognition

Works matching and memory skills

Fishing rod really works

Game pieces are great for pretend play

Pros (The Floor is Lava)

Active game

Challenge cards add a layer of skill

Game pieces prevent using couch cushions to play

Game pieces are great for pretend play



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