LEGO Botanical Collection Wildflower Bouquet & Dried Flower Centerpiece Review

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Editor's Review

The Wildflower Bouquet set is 939 pieces and will take you about an hour and a half to build at a leisurely pace. The build is like a bunch of miniature sets put together. The thing that stood out to us the most about the build was the creative engineering, and how unexpected pieces, arranged in unconventional ways, created more than the sum of their parts. The lavender, for example, is made of offset peg bricks, and small purple leaf pieces, all placed at an angle. The light blue, medium blue, and multicolored flowers also have very interesting construction (apologies our reviewer is not a flower buff!) Even flowers that have pretty straightforward structures like the sunflower more than make up for it in terms of looks! In total, you get 16 stems, 13 being flowers, and 3 being distinguished-looking ferns. The colors are unabashedly varied and vibrant, so this set will be a delightful pop of color in any room. Unlike other sets in the botanical collection, these plants do not come with a base, so you’ll need to use a real flower glass or vase. Also, be careful, as some of these blooms are delicate.

If you like the look of this set, be on the lookout for the Dried Flower Centerpiece as well. This set uses similar building techniques as the Wildflower Bouquet, but has some surprises of its own, like overlapping shoulder pad pieces as petals, or mini pine trees to approximate ferns. This set is built on a flat base, and can be combined with other copies to create an even bigger arrangement. Unlike the Wildflower Bouquet, the colors of the Dried Flower Centerpiece are earthy, subdued, and more harmonious.

LEGO Wildflower Collection 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

Absolutely! The Wildflower Bouquet will bring a wild and striking menagerie of color to any room you “plant” them in, and the Dried Flower Centerpiece will instead offer a more sophisticated display. Be sure to bring your own vase, though!


  • The build process is varied and full of interesting engineering
  • You get 16 different stems and plant toppers to arrange.
  • The colors of the Wildflower Bouquet are extremely varied and vibrant, while the Dried Flower Centerpiece as a more subdued palette.
  • The Dried Flower Centerpiece can be combined with multiple copies of itself to make an even bigger display.


  • No base or pot is provided with the Wildflower Bouquet.
  • Some of the blooms can have pieces come off or get misaligned if you’re not careful.

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