LEGO Technic NASCAR Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro Review

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Editor's Review

The LEGO Technic Nascar Chevrolet is 672 pieces and will take you about two hours to build at a leisurely pace. The building process is on the easier end when it comes to technic sets, nothing here is overly complicated, though the hyper specific shapes of the parts sometimes make the instructions look like “that one image of an endless staircase”. Just look carefully, and you’ll be fine.

Once done, you’ll have the completed car, decorated in molded red, white, and blue bricks, and plenty of stickers. The stickers have a foil reflective finish, making them extra cool to look at under a light source. Make sure to look a few steps ahead when applying stickers, as there are pieces with printed elements that you must match, and they don’t come into play until later. The car itself runs smoothly on its rubber tires, and while it has an interior seat and steering wheel, it’s just for show. What isn’t for show is the dial in the back, which does allow you to steer the car while pushing forward at the same time. Pop the hood to see the engine in action, with moving pistons. Unlike larger Technic sets, there are no other opening areas on this build, such as side doors, or the trunk.

LEGO Technic Chevorlet Camaro 780 x 780

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Technic enthusiasts and car fans will enjoy the unique reflective stickers. This is a nice beginner-intermediate set option.


  • It’s an enjoyable level of difficulty, easy, but not overly so.
  • The stickers, while laborious to apply well, look great once placed.
  • The steering gimmick works well.
  • The multicolored look never gets old to admire.


  • The relative lack of opening doors, after the tantalizing taste of hood and engine.
  • The sticker application steps preceded putting printed pieces on, so it’s easy to inadvertently misalign them and not know until it’s too late.

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