Deluxe Dippin’ Designs Enchanted Egg Wrap Kit Review

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Editor's Review

When you dye Easter eggs, you use dye, right? Well, not anymore. With the Deluxe Dippin’ Designs Enchanted Egg Wrap Kit, there are no dyes and you still get really cool-looking designs on your eggs. The Deluxe kit comes with 12 egg stands, two dipping tools, two smoothers, and 14 design sheets. These design sheets are going to stick to your egg when placed in water.

First, you need to hard boil your eggs and let them cool off. Once ready, fill an eight-inch to 10-inch diameter bowl with warm water and place one of the design sheets glossy side down onto the surface of the water. Wait for 10 seconds until the design sheet shrivels and wrinkles, and then smooths back out. Now you’re ready to dip an egg. Wet the suction cup on the dipper tool and attach it to the rounded end of an egg. Holding the dipping tool at the base, dip the egg straight down into the center of the design sheet and gently scoop it back up to the surface of the water making a “U” shape.

Place a stand onto the end of the egg, flip it over, and set it on the table. You can remove the dipping tool, which we found to be a little tricky to do. Use the smoother tool to smooth out the design over the bare spot left by the suction cup. We also found this hard to do because the egg didn’t stay in place in the stand very well, and if you touch the wet egg with your hands, it can ruin the design sheet and make your hands sticky. Your decorated egg will need to dry for 30 minutes before flipping it over in the stand for display. Then you’ll need to let it dry for an additional hour. This is a pretty long time to wait.

Decorations will last one week in the fridge. While the egg wraps are not edible, you can still peel and eat the hard boiled eggs as normal. 

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We can’t say that this was a “no-mess” experience as water got everywhere and our hands were sticky, but it was pretty cool to watch. This would be a fun alternative to the traditional methods of decorating Easter eggs. You can also use these wraps with ceramic or wooden eggs to create DIY home decor.


Fun alternative to dying eggs

Cool to watch the design sheet wrap around the egg

14 design sheets

Don’t need messy dyes


Difficulty removing the dipping tool

Eggs don’t stay sturdy in the stands

Takes a long time for these to dry

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