Shimmer ‘n Sparkle Glitter & Shimmer Airbrush Designer Review

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Editor's Review

Yes, you can paint your nails with nail polish, but now with the Shimmer ‘n Sparkle Glitter & Shimmer Airbrush Designer, you can also add airbrush designs to your polished nails. This kit, for ages 8 and up, comes with everything kids need to create hundreds of nail designs. There’s the airbrush unit, four colors of nail polish, clear polish, glitter, sequins, nail stickers, nail stencils, press-on nails, clean-up sponges, and a brush. You’ll choose a color of shimmer and attach that cartridge to the airbrush unit. Then you’ll prepare your nails, either by painting the press-on nails or your own nails with one of the nail polish colors. Place a wet fingernail onto the finger rest in the path of the spray, and with your other hand, press down on the pump to activate the spray until you get the shimmery color you’re looking for. Repeat with all your other nails.

Another way to use the Airbrush Designer is by attaching a glitter cartridge to the airbrush unit. Paint clear polish on top of your nails, and one by one, place a wet fingernail onto the finger rest. Then press down on the pump to airbrush glitter onto your nails. You could also sprinkle glitter or sequins straight from the smaller containers onto wet nails.

Some of the nail stickers have two sticky sides, so you can stick a sticker to your nail and then use the airbrush to adhere shimmer to the sticker. The regular nail stickers can be applied directly to dry nails.

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We like that there are so many different ways to use the Airbrush Designer, giving kids lots of different options for nail looks. Whether using press-on nails or their natural nails, kids will have fun getting creative with their manicures. Results will vary based on the age and skill level of the child using the toy.


Comes with lots of tools

Create lots of different looks

Works with press-on nails or natural nails


It’s messy

Learning curve

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