Hot Wheels City Mega Tower Car Wash Review

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Editor's Review

There’s racing action and color-change action on the Hot Wheels City Mega Tower Car Wash track set. It comes with one Color Shifters Hot Wheel car, and all you have to do is add the hot and cold water.

First, pour ice cold water into the blue pump, and then fill the red pump with warm water. Drive the car up the left ramp, twisting the Hot Wheels Mega Tower Car Wash sign to push the car through the flaps and all the way up to the top. Squeeze cold water out of the blue pump to give the car a new paint job. Then, lift the gate and drive through to the red pump. Squeeze the red pump to change the car back to its original color. Lift the next gate and send the car spiraling down the right ramp and through the foam roller. There’s a small service station area at the bottom of the track set, and space for parking three other vehicles. Whenever cold or warm water is squeezed out of the pumps, parked Color Shifters will also change color. 

Assembly is required. Because this requires water, you’ll want to play in an area where it’s okay for things to get wet. Be sure to empty the water basin at the bottom of the playset and dry everything thoroughly before storing.

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Taking your Hot Wheels to a pretend car wash is really such a fun play experience, one that allows kids to reenact something they’ve done with Mom and Dad. The cool thing about this car wash playset is that it uses water, and the water activates color-change features on Color Shifters cars. This will make a great addition to a Hot Wheels City collection and will inspire a lot of imaginative play.


Comes with one Color Shifters car
Color-change feature is easy to activate
Great addition to a Hot Wheels City collection
Imaginative play


Water toys can get messy

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