Fur by the Foot Bubblegum Besties Series 1 Plush Review

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Editor's Review

Discover a mystery rolled up inside a 10-inch dispenser! Tug the fur tag inch by inch to reveal either 2 or 3 cute and cuddly 14-inch stuffed animals. Series 1 includes 26 rainbow-hued characters named after minty and fruity bubblegum flavors. Each plushies’ hands connect with hook-and-loop fasteners. They can be hung on backpacks, worn on beltloops, and daisy-chained as décor. They can even be reattached into their dispenser, rewound, and revealed again and again.

Fur by the Foot Bubblegum Besties Series 1 Plush

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These are ideal for kids ages 3 years and up!


  • This is a fun mystery unboxing experience
  • Kids can play, share, and trade with friends
  • They’re all super soft and cuddly
  • There are 26 to collect


  • Just beware not to cut the loops in order to roll the plushies back in the dispenser again

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