Bluey Dance Mode Bubble Mic Review

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Editor's Review

It’s time to boogie with Bluey and the Bluey Dance Mode Bubble Mic! This battery-operated bubble blower starts blowing bubbles when you sing into the microphone. It comes with a four-ounce bottle of Fubbles bubble solution. Pour some solution into the dip tray, and then dip the microphone’s bubble wand into the solution. Now start singing into the top of the bubble microphone to activate the fan and blow a stream of bubbles. The microphone lights up, too! Two AA batteries are required and not included.

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Kids will have fun singing, dancing, yelling, and being silly while also blowing and chasing bubbles around the yard. This bubble machine makes it easy for preschoolers to blow bubbles, and kids will think it’s magic how the sound of their voice makes the bubble action start. This is a great way to encourage imaginative and active outdoor play. 


Four ounces of Fubbles bubble solution

Easy for preschoolers to blow bubbles

Imaginative play

Active outdoor play


Batteries are not included

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