Spin-to-Play Fairytale and Lunch Basket Games Review (eeBoo)

Spin-to-Play Fairytale and Lunch Basket Games
What It Is

Go on a picnic or a fairytale adventure in new preschool games from eeBoo. In each game, preschoolers spin to collect elements for either their picnic plate or fairytale story.

The object of Spin-to-Play! Fairytale is to collect a Place card and each of the elements to create a story. You'll need a Hero, a Magical Helper, a Rival, Transportation, a Magical Object, and Treasure. (The inside of the box tells you which category each of the game pieces falls under.) Then, you get to tell a story using the elements you've collected. Each player chooses one of the four Place cards, and then takes turns spinning the spinner and collecting the element they've spun. Or they might land on Lose-A-Turn. If you collect all the elements first and can tell a story with them, you win!

The object of Spin-to-Play! Lunch Basket is to collect all the pieces of a place setting and food for a picnic. Each player sits around the tablecloth and spinner, and then chooses a plate. Take turns spinning the spinner and picking an item from the picnic basket (the game box) that matches the category spun. You need a Napkin & Utensils, a Drink, a Vegetable, a Dessert, a Main Dish, and a Fruit. If you spin Lose-A-Piece, you have to give an item back. Be the first with a full lunch, and you win!

Is It Fun?

These games are really cute with wonderful illustrations on the sturdy game pieces. They're also easy for young kids to learn how to play. We like the creativity of the Fairytale game with its added element of telling a story with the collected pieces. The Lunch Basket game is a great way to help preschoolers identify foods, and parent players can use this game as a tool for teaching kids about eating a balanced diet.

Who It’s For

Both games are for two to four players ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Fairytale game comes with four Heroes, four Rivals, four Helpers, four Magical Objects, four Means of Transport, four Treasures, four Enchanted Places, and a spinner.

Lunch Basket comes with a 20-inch by 20-inch picnic blanket, four Plates, four Napkin & Utensils, four Main Dishes, four Vegetables, four Fruits, four Desserts, four Drinks, and a spinner.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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