Marvel Spider-Man Face Paintoos Review (PlayMonster)

Marvel Spider-Man Face Paintoos
What It Is

Look just like your favorite superhero with the Marvel Spider-Man Face Paintoos. These are specially formulated temporary tattoos that make it easy for kids to have cool face paintings without the need of a professional face painter. There are five designs in the Spider-Man kit: two Spider-Man, Ghost Spider, Spider-Man/Venom, and Miles Morales. You also get 10 tattoo remover wipes, an applicator sponge, and instructions.

First, you choose your design and cut it out so the individual pieces can be applied separately to the forehead and cheeks. Just like you would a normal temporary tattoo, peel off the protective sheet, press the design's colored side to the skin, and hold the damp sponge against the paper backing. Once the paper is completely wet and 15 seconds have passed, gently peel away the backing paper to reveal the design.

Once applied, the designs don't run or smudge and can even be left on overnight, as long as there's no irritation to the skin.

When you're ready to remove, wipe it off with one of the tattoo removal wipes. Then wash your face with soap and water or a cosmetic remover wipe or baby wipe to remove excess residue from the skin.

Is It Fun?

We love these for kids' birthday parties because it's so much easier to apply them than trying to do face painting. You could also use these for a Halloween costume or just everyday dress-up. Kids will love looking like their favorite Spider-Man character.

Who It’s For

Face Paintoos are for ages 4 and up. These designs will appeal to Spider-Man fans.

What To Be Aware Of

Designs should be applied and removed by an adult.

The instruction booklet's "positional guides" were just pictures of kids wearing the Face Paintoos. We wish the paper backing had been more translucent to help with proper face placement.

We tested these on a 5-year-old's head, and the forehead pieces were bigger than her forehead. Some of the tattoo got in her hair.

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