5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Playful Dad

I joke with my family that the difference between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is that Mother’s Day is a holiday, while Father’s Day is a workday. Father’s Day just doesn’t have the same celebratory status as Mother’s Day in most families. On Mother’s Day, moms get the reservations while on Father’s Day, dad gets to grill.

I generally enjoy Father’s Day except for the dreaded gift. It’s typically a waste of money but won’t be returned for fear of hurting your kids’ feelings. Many of my father friends have echoed the same thoughts.

I want my Father’s Day gifts to be something fun, and something I could use with my kids. Sharing the experience of a present with your child is one of the best experiences any parent could have. After all, we wouldn’t be fathers if we didn’t have kids.

We collected some “cool toys” for fathers who like to have fun. Most of these can be enjoyed with your kids, but some of them are for the men who just never grew up…like me. Have a Happy Father’s Day, and maybe some of these will bring more fun to the family.


Zuru’s taken the hassle out of filling water balloons with the Bunch-o-Balloons Water Balloons. Fill 100 water balloons in 60 seconds, and get to the fun part faster with your kids.


The Aerobie Pro Flying Ring holds the Guinness World Record for the farthest throw, so you know this flying toy is going to ensure a fun game of catch with your kids. Tell your kids, to go long.


Kids will have picked a winner with Funrise’s Booger Balls Ultimate Battle Pack. It comes with everything you and your kids need to make big slimy boogers and then have a booger battle. It’s gross, fun play at its finest.


Zing’s Wet Head is one family skill-and-action game that will bring your family lots of suspense, laughs, and some wet heads. We’ve even shared the hack to help you win every time.


Buzz Bee Toys has a line of great water blasters to wage a water war on your offspring. But the Kwik Grip Water Blasters are especially great intro water blasters to use with young kids.


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