Booger Balls Ultimate Battle Pack Review (Funrise)

Booger Balls Ultimate Battle Pack
What It Is
The Booger Balls Ultimate Battle pack comes with everything you need to make big, slimy boogers and stage a fun and gross booger battle. The set includes three colors of booger solution, a shaker maker, bucket and three packets of booger bath. Easy to make and super fun. The boogers splat when you throw them. Completely non-toxic, non-staining and biodegradable. For kids 5 and up.
Is It Fun?
This is gross out play at its best. We call this "allowed naughtiness" because kids love to play with being disgusting--and parents will definitely find this disgusting. But it's all in the imagination. The solution and the "boogers" themselves are really benign. As noted they're non-toxic, non-staining and biodegradable. But the fun comes from the pretending, and, of course, the lovely slimy texture. There's also the wonderful sense of humor that comes from making someone think you've gotten them all slimy with snot. If you don't think this is funny, then you're probably not a 6-year-old. But we know plenty of adults who can easily get down on that level. Face it, gross can be funny. Especially when there's no harm done. 
Who It’s For
The toy is age-graded for kids 5 and up. But it's really for anyone who gets the comedy inherent in the play patten. While young kids will certainly have a blast with this, we don't really think there's any age limit on it at all. Teens and adults will get a kick out of this, depending on their senses of humor. 
What To Be Aware Of
Younger kids will need assistance in making the booger balls. There's a bit of a learning curve on it, but once you get it, it's very simple. Take your time learning and experimenting. Don't overfill the booger ball mold on the shaker maker. Make sure when you mix up the solution that you shake it up so there are no lumps.

This is primarily conceived as an outdoor toy, but if you do play with it indoors, clean up is fairly easy. Allow the solution to dry and vacuum up.

The way these work is that the booger bath interacts with the booger solution to create a kind of skin on the exterior of the booger balls. The longer they stay in the bath, the more the solution will set. For best--and slimiest--results, you want it to set long enough so that it's easy to throw and holds its shape but not so long that the booger balls harden. They will, however, make a hard floor slipper, so, really, use these outdoors.

We found that the best results come from making a big batch of them at once and then using them fairly quickly before they harden. 

These really are non-toxic, non-staining and biodegradable, so you won't have to worry about clean up outdoors. 

We talk about these a lot as "allowed naughtiness," which is a good thing for kids. It allows them to play with the concept of pushing the envelope about what's socially acceptable without doing any harm.

Refill sets and additional sets are sold separately.

Gross humor least sometimes. 

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