Wet Head Review (Zing)

Wet Head
What It Is
Wet Head is the hilarious new family/party game that can leave you all wet. The game comes with a yellow helmet and a spinning unit that snaps on the top. Snap the unit onto the helmet and insert pins in each of the holes. Then, fill the chamber with water, and you're ready to go. On each turn, place the helmet on a player's head. Spin the spinner to see whether to pull 1 or 2 pins, pass, reverse or other variations. If you pull a pin and nothing happens, you got lucky. The turn passes. Play continues till one player pulls the pin that releases the water and gets a wet head! Play continues as long as you want, or until everyone is completely water-logged.
Is It Fun?
Like the 2015 hit Pie Face, the suspense of this game and the inevitable dousing someone is going to get is completely hilarious. As each round continues, the tension--and laughter--get more intense. (Even if it is nervous laughter.) This game is great of players of all ages, though it does require a sense of humor, though the comedy mostly consists of laughing at the person who got drenched.
Who It’s For
The game is graded for ages 2 or more players, ages 4 years and up. But it's really for anyone who enjoys this kind of game. It's terrific for a party. 
What To Be Aware Of
TTPM Shows you the hack that lets you know which pin will release the water every time. You have to be sneaky, but if you're hacking a game, you know that. Watch the video to the very end for the secret!

You'll get best results if you securely strap on the helmet before each turn. The Velcro strap fits virtually anyone. 

When you pull the pin that release the water, it actually takes a couple of seconds to know if you're going to get doused. So, don't let anyone take it off too quickly. 

Don't overfill the chamber or it might leak. 

Zing says that they are developing an app that will add a trivia challenge to the game. That's going to be fun, but not essential to the fun game play.

Follow the antics of other players--and laugh at them, too--by following #wetheadchallenge.

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