The Original Water Warriors Kwik Grip XL Water Blasters Review (Buzz Bee Toys)

The Original Water Warriors Kwik Grip XL Water Blasters
What It Is
The Kwik Grip Water Blasters are a simple way to introduce young kids to the fun of water battles. They fill easily from a faucet, and it's easy to fire away with a basic trigger. These blasters will shoot about 25 feet, and they come in a two pack so you're immediately ready for a water battle.
Is It Fun?
Sometimes simple is better especially for younger kids. These are light and easy to fill. The trigger is easy to use, and you can hide the fact you have a water blaster on you. This a great for younger kids to introduce them to water blaster battles.
Who It’s For
These are designed for ages 4 and up. Kids of all ages will have fun with these as long as they don't mind the limited water capacity.
What To Be Aware Of
These blasters don't hold too much water, so these are best used where you can easily refill from a garden hose or home faucet.
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy