9 Music Toys That Teach Hand-Eye Coordination

Musical toys are a fun way to help teach kids hand-eye coordination while having fun and developing an interest in music. Whether your child is a future virtuoso or just having fun making some cool sounds, these 9 awesome toys will let them rock out and work on motor skills at the same time.

Drum Sets.


Vtech Kidibeats Drum Set. Drums require a little rhythm and a lot of hand-eye coordination, and the Kidibeats Drum Set takes it to the next level. In addition to drumming freestyle, the light-up drums and cymbals offer several patterns for toddlers to follow.


Plan Toys Egg Percussion Set. Adorable, colorful eggs and a drumstick add up to a simple toy for babies working on their motor skills. This set has the added bonus of being an eco-friendly choice made from kid-safe materials.


Battat Parum Pum Pum Set. The name is adorable and so is this set of various simple musical instruments that can be great for motor skills. The drumsticks are centipedes, the maracas a bee, and the tambourine a centipede, all colorful and sure to please toddlers.



Baby Genius Tempo’s Superstar Guitar. With strings, a whammy bar, and buttons on the neck, this tot-sized guitar lets little ones try out several different methods of making music with their fingers. It’s the perfect way for the smallest rock stars to get their groove on.



EverEarth Flip-Over Triangle Music Set. This eco-friendly wooden musical toy offers a lot in a small package. A xylophone, glockenspiel, and even a chance to spin wooden “records” like a DJ.  These can all help with motor skills while keeping kids engaged with two sides of play.



Fisher-Price Learn With Lights Piano. The light-up buttons on this uniquely shaped piano toy help teach hand-eye coordination, while playing the sounds of a variety of different instruments. There are several ways to play to keep little minds learning and having fun.


Vtech Record and Learn Kidistudio. Kids love to hear their own voice, so this toy is sure to be a hit. Including a piano, drums, and even a DJ scratch disc, the Kidistudio teaches hand-eye coordination as well as helping kids learn how different instruments come together.



Schylling Piano Horn

Schylling Piano Horn. This piano and horn in one works on hand-eye coordination while making different, fun sounds. It’s the perfect first step toward a recorder or other wind instruments.


Bontempi Toy Trumpet. This toy trumpet teaches the basics of a horn instrument, works on motor skills, and makes a lot of fun noise. The colorful buttons help kids track where their fingers are landing as they learn.

Kids love to make noise, and parents love toys that teach. These fun musical toys combine both in unique ways kids will adore while helping them develop a love for music.

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