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Editor's Review

Get ready for double the fun with Twister Junior. This gives the classic Twister mat an animal theme, plus the mat is double-sided to grow with kids. 

The blue side of the mat is Level 1: Animal Safari. In this version, players take turns moving, and the first to reach the end of the safari trail wins. Spin the spinner to see what color you must move to. When you get there, act like the animal you see, either an elephant, lion, monkey, or giraffe. If the spinner lands on a purple spot, you do what it says: switch spots with another player, go back one space, make any animal noise you want, or act like the animal on your spot. The game instructions also provide two extra ways to play. Players must hold an animal pose while waiting for their next turn or count out loud as they move from spot to spot. 

When kids are ready to take the gameplay up a notch, flip the mat and the spinner over to the green Level 2: Animal Party side. One player (or an adult) will spin the spinner and call out the color or animal, and either hand or foot. Then all players find a matching spot on the mat and touch it with either a hand or a foot. (No left and right in this version.) Keep your hands and feet on the spots until another color or animal is called. If a player falls, they’re out, and the last player standing wins. Two extra ways to play include adding in “left” and “right”, or players can jump front spot to spot and act like whichever animal is called out.

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We really like how this game provides many different ways for kids to play. There are two levels and game variations within each level. It gets kids active, has them use their imaginations when pretending to be like the animals, and helps with counting, color recognition, and balance. Kids will just think it’s silly and fun to act like the animals and jump around the mat.


2 levels

Game variations within each level

Gets kids active

Helps with counting, color recognition, and balance

Kids use their imaginations

Silly fun



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