The Original Koosh Rubber Ball Review

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Editor's Review

If you were a kid in the ’80s and ’90s, then you knew Koosh. Now The Original Koosh ball is back so that today’s kids can kick it, toss it, bounce it, roll it, throw it, and more. Each three-inch ball is made of natural latex rubber and looks a little stringy or spikey. But these balls, available in a variety of colors, are soft, stretchy, and squishy. While they are fun to throw around and play with, Koosh balls have such a cool feel that you might just want to bounce one up and down in your hand or squeeze it. Play with them indoors or outdoors, and even use them as a fidget toy.

The Original Koosh Rubber Ball

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We like Koosh balls because there are a lot of ways to play with them. They’re great for indoor and outdoor play, and they have such a cool tactile feel. These will definitely bring back memories for today’s parents.

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