The Original Kan Jam Disc Toss Game with Carry Bag Review

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Editor's Review

Kan Jam is played with 2 teams of 2, who alternate as Throwers and Deflectors. Both players can move left and right, so long as they remain behind their goal the entire game. A Thrower tosses the disc with the intent to hit the goal in one of a few ways. If any part of the goal is hit, that’s a “Dinger,” worth 1 point. If the disc makes it inside the goal through the top, unassisted by the Deflector, that’s a “Deuce,” worth 2 points. If the Deflector successfully bats the disc into the goal, that’s a Slam Dunk, worth 3 points! The Deflector may hit the disc only once. If they catch, double hit, or carry the disc, no points are awarded. All 4 players take turns throwing back and forth, with their partner becoming their Deflector. The first team to score exactly 21 points wins!

What about the slot in the front of the goal? If a Thrower gets the disc into this slot with no assistance from their Deflector, their team instantly wins! This feature keeps things exciting, and ensures that no matter how hopelessly behind you are, you can still win with skill and a bit of gumption. Like black jack, you don’t want to go over 21. If you have 20 points and you make a Slam Dunk, that exceeds 21, so instead, subtract the points from your current total; in this example, you’d have 17 points after the penalty (20 – 3 = 17.)

Once you’re done, pack up is just as easy! Dislodge the tabs, compress the goals into thinner cylinders, and load them into the bag. Kan Jam is the perfect combination of low maintenance and high fun factor. Because of this, you can take it anywhere and bust it out at a moments notice!

The Original Kan Jam Disc Toss Game with Carry Bag

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Kan Jam is very fun! It can be tough depending on your skill level, but working together and scoring points is very exciting whether you’re a pro or a newbie!

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