Spark Community Helpers Matching Cards and Dinosaur Matching Cards Review

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Editor's Review

Find the matches between dinosaurs and community helpers with Spark Matching Cards sets. The images on the Community Helpers Matching Cards are of a farmer, cook, mechanic, custodian, mail carrier, police officer, landscaper, garbage collector, vet, librarian, fire fighter, doctor, pilot, dentist, astronaut, teacher, plumber, baker, artist, and construction worker. And on the Dinosaur Matching Cards, kids will find Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Chasmosaurus, Diplodocus, Eoraptor, Fukuisarus, Gastonia, Hesperosaurus, Irritator, Juravenator, Kentrosaurus, Liaoceratops, Minmi, Nedoceratops, Oviraptor, Pterodactyl, Quaesitosaurus, Rebbachisaurus, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Udanoceratops, Velociraptor, Wuerhosaurus, Xionglong, Yinlong, and Zuniceratops. Each dinosaur card is labeled to help kids learn which dinosaur is which. 

There are no instructions, but this is a matching game, so you probably already know how to play. Mix up the cards and place them face down in a grid. Each set comes with 40 cards, so you can do five rows of eight cards. Take turns flipping over two cards to see if you’ve made a match. If yes, you get to keep those cards. If not, flip the cards back over. These matching games are also memory games. Can you remember where you saw that Tyrannosaurus? Once all the matches have been found, the player with the most matches wins.

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The cards in these games are very sturdy and durable. The games are easy to learn, and there’s no reading required for young players. These games would be a fun way to introduce kids to members of the community and different dinosaurs. They’d be a great addition to classroom or at-home learning.


Cards are very sturdy and durable

Game is easy to learn

Introduces community members and dinosaurs 



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