Sing 2 Stuffed Animals and Stage Sparkles Figures Review

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Editor's Review

We’ve got a bunch of the cast from Sing here in plush form. Johnny the gorilla is 18 inches tall, full of lovable plush and has on his iconic outfit from the film. Same goes for Meena! Meena is the adorable elephant with vocals out of this world, wearing her adorable outfit from the film and is also 18 inches of cuddling lovable plush.

We’ve also got Meena and two other of the characters Buster and Ash in plush, but this time they’re only 5 inches tall! That doesn’t mean they’re not just as cute and cuddly!

Now, for even more Sing fun you can collect the Sing 2 Stage Sparkles! Choose between Gunter, Ash, Rosita, or Johnny- or collect them all for an extra fun show! Stage Sparkle stages light up so you can make sure your character is in the spotlight for their performance. The stages and microphones can be swapped between characters for a fresh new look.

Sing 2 Stuffed Animals and Stage Sparkles Figures

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These are great for fans of the Sing franchise ages 3 and up!

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