Peanuts LatchKits and Original Fantastic Flowers Paper Flower Maker Review

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Editor's Review

Create some amazing works of art with two new craft kits from PlayMonster.

The Peanuts LatchKits brings back the classic latch hook craft along with a favorite character: Snoopy. The set comes with everything you need: a latch hook tool, pre-cut yarn, and a color-coded, easy-to-follow canvas. The canvas has loops so you can hang and display your fluffy art on the wall. This craft is pretty easy to do but will require a lot of patience. Match the yarn to the color-coded spaces. Loop the yarn around the hook, put the hook through a square, and pull down to create a knot. The picture instructions were not always easy to follow.

Give a bouquet of flowers that will never wilt with the Original Fantastic Flowers Paper Flower Maker. Place paper in one of the three purple press plates, and then run the plate through the machine to complete the petal cut out. Add reusable pistil plugs and flower stems to complete the look. Along with the machine and the three plates, the kit also includes eight Stack & Snap flower stems, 15 Stack & Snap flower pistil plugs, 40 sheets of double-sided paper, instructions, and a guide to inspire kids’ paper bouquets.

Peanuts LatchKits and Original Fantastic Flowers Paper Flower Maker

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Each of these is a great screen-free activity to keep kids entertained. Crafty kids who are fans of Peanuts and Snoopy will like making their own furry piece of Snoopy art for hanging in their bedroom. Young papercrafters will have fun making their own paper bouquets for decorating the house or giving to Mom on her birthday.

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