Our Generation Dolls, Accessories, and Ambulance Review

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Editor's Review

Let’s start off with the dolls! Here we’ve got Martha. It’s all about having to bring her back to health as she’s injured her foot. There’s a bunch of accessories such as an X-ray, patient paper work and more to help with this story telling fun. Martha is 18-inches tall, has long blonde hair that’s fun to style, light-blue eyes that close when it’s time to rest, and her medical bracelet even has her birth date written on it! Perhaps items in the Comfy Recovery set will help with her feeling a bit better!

Now, if you want to be more of the doctor than the patient, then Meagan is exactly who you need! She has a few necessary medical accessories to have any doll feeling better!

More equipment can be found with the Medi-Care set. This pink, foldable gurney easily adjusts from flat to seated to keep your dolls safe and cozy when it’s time for assistance. Fun medical accessories are also included in this set.

And how will all these sick patients get to the hospital? Well, you’ll need the Rescue Ambulance! This vehicle playset has lots of electronic features to help these dolls in need. Open up the driver door and slide the seat back and forth to comfortably fit your 18-inch dolls inside and turn on the lights and sounds as you drive through the neighborhood. You can choose between flashing lights and 2 different siren sounds! Light up the GPS screen display to navigate through the streets, then turn on the headlights and press the gas pedal to hear the “vroom” sound. You can also honk the horn in case you run into a little traffic! Tons of accessories are also included and it can all be stored away when done playing in the storage compartments.

Our Generation Dolls, Accessories, and Ambulance

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These are influenced by the medical field. Kids can learn important social skills and it nurtures their creativity and imagination.

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