Octopod Bamboo Suction Plate + Spoon Sets and Silicone Grip Plates Review

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Editor's Review

The Octopod plates and bowl have a suction base that helps them stay in place while the little ones feed and explore new flavors. It works on all flat surfaces, ideal for tables, high chairs, and so on!

The Bamboo Suction Bowl and the Bamboo Suction Round Plate come with a cute matching spoon. They have an ergonomic design, and the plate is divided into three compartments.

The Silicone Suction Plate has separated compartments that look like a frog. It is so cute! Perfect for keeping the little one engaged at mealtime. It is microwave and dishwasher-safe. Both the bamboo and the silicone sets are made of non-toxic and eco-friendly material.

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  1. Octopod ensures that they will stay in place, and if the suction cup system fails, you can return them for a full refund. I love this feature as it gives us peace of mind of trying them out.

They are ideal for mealtime, snacks, and treats! They are all available in various different colors and sold separately.



  • they stay in place,
  • they are eco-friendly, and
  • are available in various colors.



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