Busy Baby Toddler Mat & Learning Stand and Bib & Utensil Set Review

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Editor's Review

Whether your toddler is eating, drawing, or teething, the Busy Baby Bungee Bib and Utensils + Toddler Mat and Learning Stand is here to make life way easier.  The bib and utensils come in two colors: Spearmint and Pewter. We’re reviewing the Spearmint version today. The bib set can be used at home and on the go as it can be rolled up and secured for traveling. The set comes with a fork, knife, spoon, bib, and two bungee cords that are made with 100% food-grade silicone. You can attach teethers and utensils to the bib and it has an adjustable neck closure and a wide, deep pocket that catches any spills or crumbs. The soft and flexible material is gentle on your baby’s delicate skin, and the lightweight design makes it comfortable for babies to wear for extended periods of time. The bib and utensils are durable and easy to clean. I loved the idea of the bungee cords as it allows us to give Riley his independence without us having to worry about him throwing the utensils or teethers. I think once we figure out which hand is Riley’s dominant hand, it will be better. Right now, he switches hands which means the bungee gets in the way depending on which hands he uses. Sometimes it’s also a distraction for him and he likes to play with it instead of using it to eat. Also, on the packaging, it says that the set doesn’t come with a spoon, but ours did. 

The mat is great for kids two years and older. It comes with a 12″ x 15″ Silicone Placemat, three tracing sheets, a learning stand, a tether, and a storage bag. It helps to protect surfaces around your house from your toddler’s messes. The mat promotes independence by providing your child with their own space to help with meal prep or to make their own snacks. It helps writing skills as the tracing sheets allow for repeated practice of tracing to encourage fine motor skills, hand strength, and hand-eye coordination. The stand accommodates most mobile devices and allows the child to access the Busy Baby App or other educational content. Plus, the mat is dishwasher safe so you don’t have to worry about spills or crumbs. I love how big the mat is as it covers a very large area wherever we put it. I really can’t wait to use this as a cutting board for Riley to cook with me when he’s a little older. For now, Riley uses the mat for coloring and watching his favorite show, which was very nice at first but then we realized it was very easy for him to start coloring the ipad instead of the paper. He’s only 17 months old so it’s understandable but, when he’s older, I think this will be great for coloring and painting on his own. 

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Both of these products are amazing. The Bungee bib grows with your child, use the bib when first starting out and then attach the utensils when needed.


The mat and stand are also two products that grow with your child! At 17m, Riley can use it to watch his favorite shows and color at the same time. Once he gets a little bigger we can use the mat to paint or even help me cut food for dinner.


  • Pros for Bib Set: It gives your child a sense of independence and it’s super easy to clean.


  • Pros for the mat: It covers a large area.
  • Allows your child to have some time on their own either coloring, “cooking,” or watching their favorite content. 


  • Cons for Bib Set: the bungee can get in your child’s way if they’re still trying to figure out which hand is their dominant one.


  • Cons for the mat: there are none! 

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