Made for Me Wearable Breast Pump Review

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Editor's Review

Pumping on the go is now discreet and easy thanks to the Tommee Tippee Made for Me Wearable Breast Pump.  The pump comes with:  two wearable pumps, two 24mm horns and two 28mm horns, four milk collector bottles, four diaphragms and lid assemblies, two 0m+ nipples and screw rings, two bra adjusters, a carry bag, and a USB cable. The Tommee Tippee fits comfortably inside the user’s bra or undershirt. The pump’s Smart ConstantComfort technology is specially designed to mimic your baby’s natural suckling sensation and holds the pump in place. The 5oz pump milk collector bottle is compatible with our Closer to Nature screw rings and nipples so you can feed directly from the pump. The nipple alignment light will help you pump in the dark with ease. When fully charged,  you can get twelve sessions of 20 minute pumping. The pumps can be controlled through the easy to use Tommee Tippee app. The remote-control screen allows you to choose between massage and expression, adjust the intensity and register which breast you’re using. It also shows a visual of how full your milk collector bottle is. On the tracking screen, you can see a summary view of your previous sessions in two tabs. The first tab shows a timeline of the last 24 hours and the second tab shows a daily average over the last 5 days, split between each breast for accurate insights. This data is useful when having conversations with lactation consultants, doctors, health visitors and midwives regarding your breastfeeding experience. The pumps are easy to assemble and clean as all parts are dishwasher and sterilizer safe except the main pump section. These pumps are very similar to the Elvie Pump. However, the Made for Me pumps are much thicker and don’t look very natural when in your shirt as they feel very large and noticeable. I really liked the guide light because, when you’re in a dark setting, it helps you see what you’re doing so you don’t have to fumble around. But, once I tried to use it, I felt like I had to have the suction up really high in order for it to start pulling the milk from my breast. And, once you’re finished, you have to make sure to adjust how much milk was actually pumped because it doesn’t accurately measure in the bottle because it’s set to a standard amount, but sometimes you may pump more or less than that. But, everything was very easy to clean which is awesome because breastfeeding pumps need to be cleaned thoroughly to prevent mold build up.

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Should I get it?

They are great travel friendly pumps but they aren’t very discreet.


  • The pumps can be concealed in the user’s shirt.
  • They’re travel friendly.
  • The guiding light makes it easy to pump in the dark. 


  • They’re incredibly large.
  • Don’t mold to the user’s breast tightly.

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