MEGA Bloks Rise & Snooze Night Light Review

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Editor's Review

Build day and night routines with Fisher-Price’s MEGA Bloks Rise & Snooze Night Light. This 30-piece preschool construction set includes four characters: an owl, a fox, a sun, and a moon. Use the light-up cloud base to build a daytime scene. Press the lever on the cloud to daytime mode, stack the sun to start light effects, add the fox, and press the red button to activate sounds. There are also blocks with images on them to help kids recognize the order of their morning routine: breakfast, getting dressed, and brushing teeth. When it’s time for bed, use the picture blocks to organize the nighttime routine: bath, putting on pajamas, and brushing teeth. Then, place the owl and moon on the cloud base, switch the cloud lever to nighttime mode, and press the red button to activate sounds. You can choose from lullabies, soothing sounds, or white noise. (Although ours did not play white noise.) The sounds will play for about 20 minutes. This works as a nightlight, offering a light projection, which works best at a distance less than 10 feet. Across both modes, there are more than 18 light effects and sounds. Three AA batteries are included. The toy has two levels of volume.

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Not only are kids working their fine motor skills as they stack and build, but they’re also learning to recognize their morning and nighttime routines. When used with parent participation, this construction toy can help make both processes a little easier. Kids will like building with these chunky blocks in the morning, during the day, and at bedtime.


30 pieces
Cloud base plays lights & sounds
Daytime & nighttime modes
Helps kids understand routines
Inspires imaginative play


Didn’t get white noise to play on ours

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