Match Madness Duo and Go Pop! Jumbo Tie Dye Edition Games Review

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Editor's Review

There are all-new fun games to play from FoxMind that challenge your senses. Recreating patterns in Match Madness Duo challenges your visual perception, while Go Pop! Jumbo is a challenge strategy game for your sense of touch.

You need to think fast in the game Match Madness Duo. In this game, you get a set of five blocks. Then you flip over a card and try to recreate the card’s pattern with your blocks. The first player to match the pattern wins the card. And the first player to win three cards wins the whole game. There are 60 challenges across three difficulty levels to keep the game exciting and challenging.

The Go Pop! Jumbo is much bigger than the original Go Pop! popping toys. At nine inches, it’s got 93 bubbles to pop, plus it comes in a cool multi-colored tie-dye pattern. You can pop it on your own as a fidget toy, or play it as a game where players take turns popping one or more bubbles on any single row. The player who presses down the last bubble loses. Flip it over and play again.

Match Madness Duo and Go Pop! Jumbo Tie Dye Edition Games

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Match Madness Duo is a fast-paced competition that challenges fine motor skills and visual perception. We like that there are so many challenges and difficulty levels.

We like the large size of the Go Pop! Jumbo. It’s a great fidget toy for solo play, but it also allows the whole family to engage in that satisfying popping action together.

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