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Editor's Review

Marvel WordARound is for 2 or more players age 10 and older. The rules to the game are simple: be the first to read the word on the card and collect that card. Be the first to ten cards to win. Now, the rules might be simple, but gameplay is tougher than you might expect. The cards in this game are round, so words are circular, and starting letters can be anywhere along the perimeter of the card. There are 3 words per card, split between red, silver and blue rings. Uncover the first card when everyone is paying attention so everyone has a fair shot. All players try to decipher the red word first. Whoever reads it first keeps the card and flips it face down near them, creating their score pile. The other side will have either a red, silver or blue face, which determines the next word players must read on the following card. Play can be fast paced, so pay attention! Also, can’t stress enough, these terms are much harder to read out when you can’t tell where they begin and end! Be mindful, some terms may have two words without spaces, like ‘Iron Man’, or ‘Infinity Stones’. Ah yes, by the way, all of the words have something to do with the Marvel universe, so that should help a bit!

In between rounds, make sure you don’t absentmindedly flip the card you just won by accident, since this will instantly give any observant player and advantage on the next round. We recommend the winner flipping the won card off the pile when everyone is ready to look. In the fun of play though, it can be easy to lose track of protocol.

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Should I get it?

Given the sheer amount of cars and words, Marvel WordARound will provide plenty of entertainment value for your dollar. Give it a try!


  • The rules are simple and easy to pick up.
  • There are tons of cards and three terms per card, so gameplay will never feel stale.
  • The game can improve your reading and visual comprehension skills. 


  • It takes careful discipline to make sure rounds proceed properly and with no unfair advantages

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