Marioinex Mini Waffle Blocks Konstruktor and Pastel Waffle Blocks Review

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Editor's Review

Spark kids’ imaginations in a new way with Mini Waffle Blocks building sets. These soft, flexible blocks come in a variety of colors and can be used to build whatever kids want.

The Konstruktor set comes with 140 pieces, including 10 different elements that allow kids to build items with wheels. The Pastel Waffles set comes with 70 pieces in a variety of pastel colors.

While both sets have pictures of suggested builds, there are no specific step-by-step directions. Kids are encouraged to experiment with connecting the pieces and building whatever they’d like. Kids can build in 2-D and 3-D.

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Kids can really just jump right in and start connecting pieces and building however they want. It’s pretty easy to connect the pieces, and we like that the play is open-ended. However, we can see some kids getting frustrated when trying to build one of the suggested builds without specific steps. Just keep in mind that this toy requires problem-solving skills, patience, and lots of imagination.


Each set comes with a lot of pieces
Suggested ideas for building
Build however you’d like
Pieces are pretty easy to connect
Creative thinking


Learning curve for some of the suggested builds

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