LEGO Super Mario Donkey Kong’s Tree House Expansion Set Review

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Editor's Review

The DK Tree house Expansion, much like the other Super Mario LEGO sets, features a relatively lower piece count but high play value with the nfc touch points. But never mind Mario, let’s first examine the set on its own merits. 


We’re a big fan of this set was executed, as longtime fans of the Donkey Kong Country games. So many little details are present that heighten the immersive value, from the specific font on the Kong sign, to the bongos in the front yard, the heavy prevalence of greens and browns, DK’s TV and Stereo, and even a tire to bounce on. This viney hammock is made of soft rubbery plastic, there are bananas sprinkled throughout the set, and the trap door underneath the DK rug can be revealed with the push of a lever. The crown jewels of the set are the Donkey and Cranky Kong figures. While building them, you’ll wonder how these bricks will ever manage to complete such excellent caricatures as these, and yet in the last stretch, it all comes together. Curved wedges are used to great effect, especially on DK’s arms, which are poseable. Cranky looks wonderful, the way the build is engineered to convey his long white beard is almost magical. The only nitpick is that the tan paint is ever so slightly transparent on the dark brown brick, so another coat may have helped. It’s not that noticeable though.

If you have any of the Super Mario LEGO figures (sold separately) you can use them on any nfc point in this set. You can even connect a carrying basket so that DK can give you a lift, literally.

DK Tree house LEGO

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Should I get it?

This is a great LEGO set to pick up whether you have previous LEGO Super Mario sets or not. In fact, this may be a nice gateway into the line if for some reason you have held off!


  • The appearance is spot on with the DK source material, right down to small details.
  • There are play features that can be enjoyed without the use of nfc like the trap door, hammock, and tire.
  • The figures are SO good in the sculpt department. The set dang near worth it for them alone.


  • No nfc compatible figures are included.
  • Some printed detail doesn’t color match exactly with the bricks.

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