Barbie Pop Reveal Fruit Series Review

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Editor's Review

What surprises will pop from each Barbie Pop Reveal Fruit Series? Inside each smoothie cup, you’ll find eight surprises, including a doll. There are four dolls to collect, and you’ll know which one you’re getting by the theme of the package: Strawberry Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Watermelon Crush, and Grape Fizz. Remove the cup’s lid to retrieve the blind bags of accessories and doll. Some of the accessories even come inside pretend ice cubes. For added fun, use the fruit-themed straw to poke a hole into the top of the lid and make slime pour down into the cup. You can use the slime for sensory play. But for doll play, get those blind bags open to reveal a squishy and scented pet, a pet accessory, shorts or a skirt, roller skates, and a drink cup. Each doll even has color-change make-up and hair features with icy cold water. 

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If you’re a fan of Barbie Color Reveal, this unboxing experience is a little bit different. First off, you kind of already know what’s inside, but adding slime to the mix is a fun treat. Second, the dolls in this series are super poseable, which definitely adds to the play. There’s definitely a lot of sensory play with the scented squishy pets and the slime, as well as lots of imaginative play with the doll and accessories.


4 to collect
Each comes with 8 surprises
Slime and squishy pets offer sensory play
Imaginative play


Slime can get messy

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