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Editor's Review

If you live in a Dreamhouse, you may never want to leave. Unless you have a Dream Boat, of course. The Barbie Dream Boat lets imaginations set sail with more than 20 play pieces and fun transformation features. This Dream Boat is fully equipped with six play areas. The kitchen comes with an oven and stove, and when you lift up the stove, now it’s a bathroom with a sink. The living room has a TV, and across the way is a fold-down bed. The pool is a two-in-one, too. It can be stored on the boat and used as part of the sun deck, or you can remove it and flip it over to use as a pool. The purple slide attaches to the top of the boat and extends into the pool. The slide attaches to one side of the boat when not in use, and the other side of the boat stores the life raft ring. Steer the boat from the top seats or remove that part and use it as a separate speedboat. Plus, there are lots of accessories to inspire the play, including a snorkel mask and flippers. Dolls are not included, but it does come with a puppy and a dolphin. Some assembly is required.

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The Dream Boat makes a fun addition to a Barbie collection. Kids will like how a lot of the pieces have a two-in-one feature, and the pets and accessories inspire imaginative play.


6 play areas
20+ play pieces
Parts of the boat transform
Inspires imaginative play



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