LEGO Botanical Collection Bonsai Tree Review

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Editor's Review

If you don’t have a green thumb, here’s a plant that will be easy to care for: the LEGO Botanical Collection Bonsai Tree. Based on the Chinese art of growing miniature trees in decorative pots, this 878-piece construction set, model number 10281, lets builders assemble a tree in two different ways.

The first variety is the more traditional Bonsai tree with bright green and dark green foliage. The second build is inspired by a Japanese Cherry Tree with pink blossoms. Take a closer look at those blossoms; some of them look like pink frogs. If you want to switch between the green foliage and the pink blossoms, you simply remove each individual leaf or blossom bunch and insert a different one. Both versions are built in a rectangular pot with colorful LEGO Dots pieces acting as rocks. The pot gets displayed on top of a slatted wood-effect stand.

The instruction booklet provides picture inspiration of other ways you could build the tree using LEGO bricks you already own. The instruction booklet also gives you some information on the LEGO designer who created this set.

And because this LEGO set is of a plant, the plastic used to create these LEGO bricks is plant-based, produced using sustainably sourced sugarcane. This is part of LEGO’s bigger mission to make all LEGO bricks from sustainable sources by 2030.

LEGO Botanical Collection Bonsai Tree

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Whether you’re looking for some relaxing home decor or you want to “think only tree” like Mr. Miyagi, this LEGO set will be a perfect addition to your collection. It’s a fairly easy build that results in a detailed and beautiful model. We love that there are two ways to build, it’s easy to change between the two builds, and you’re encouraged to add your own LEGO pieces to design a custom tree.

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