Jurassic World Dominion Thrash ‘N Devour Tyrannosaurus Rex Figure Review

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Editor's Review

Right out of the box, you can start playing, since batteries are included! The main way to control the T-Rex is with one hand on the tail, and one on a leg. The legs do not move individually, but it makes the rest of the features work more smoothly. Pull up on the tail to pose in a chomping position. If you have another Jurassic World Dominion dinosaur, sold separately, you can use them as food for the T-Rex. Press the button on the tail to activate the roaring sounds and jaw movement. Once our Tyrannical friend has something in their grasp, move the tail down to go into a devouring position. Press the button repeatedly to simulate eating whatever unfortunate creature happens to be for dinner. You can even move side to side to shake your prey. There is a cavity just inside the throat to accommodate a small toy, making it seem like they’ve been eaten. Very scary!

The toy itself looks amazing! The sculpt work is top notch, with ridges, wrinkles, bumps, and crags throughout the entire surface of the toy. The airbrushing on the hide is well done, and the panels on the sides of the mouth fold and unfold beautifully to create an even more immersive experience. Lastly, if you have the Jurassic World Facts app, you can scan this DNA symbol and unlock the T-Rex within the app.

Jurassic World Dominion Thrash ‘N Devour Tyrannosaurus Rex Figure

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This toy is a ton of fun! Who in their life hasn’t wanted to be a T-Rex, at least once? This toy gets you immersed and in-character in no time!

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