Fashion Plates Retro Remix Edition and Superstar Review

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Editor's Review

The Retro Remix Edition has a retro feel both in the look of the product and packaging, and the look of the fashion designs. But that won’t stop today’s kids from creating. Simply place the fashion design plates you want to use into the tablet, add blank paper to the top and rub with a crayon to make the design appear, and then color in the fashion look. The backside of the fashion plates have different textures for adding patterns to your fashion creations.

The Superstar set has more of a contemporary look, allowing kids to create stage-ready looks with guitars and microphones. The steps are the same: insert fashion plates into the tablet’s sparkling frame, put a blank sheet of paper on top, rub the paper with the crayon until the design appears, and color it in. Add patterns by rubbing the other side of the fashion plates. A fashion folio idea guide is included. This is also compatible with other Fashion Plates sets.

Each is sold separately.

Fashion Plates Retro Remix Edition and Superstar

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Today’s parents and grandparents might remember playing with Fashion Plates when they were kids, and these sets let them share the fun with today’s kids. Fashion Plates may have been around for a long time, but they are still just as much fun to play with today for creative kids with an interest in fashion. Kids will love the numerous mix-and-match fashion possibilities, and adding all sorts of different looks to their fashion portfolios.

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