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Editor's Review

In Pressman’s Don’t Say It! game, a slip of the tongue can lose you the game. That means you’ll need to describe a balloon without saying “pop”, “blow”, or “float”.

On your team’s turn, one player from the team has 60 seconds to get his teammates to guess the word on the card. But there’s a list of words that can’t be said (two, three, or four words depending on the difficulty level you’re playing), and if the player says one of those words, the opposing team presses the buzzer. The card is then removed from the card holder, and those points are subtracted from the guessing team’s score.

If the guessing team successfully guesses the word on the card, and there is still time left, the team can continue guessing another card until time runs out. Once the turn ends, the team earns points for any guessed cards and loses points for any unsuccessful cards, using the scoring guide in the instructions. Then, it’s the next team’s turn. Play continues until one team reaches 100 points.

Don’t Say It! Word Game

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This reminds us of another popular party game, however, this one gives you the ability to change difficulty levels depending on who is playing. So you could have a team of kids versus adults, making this a more family-friendly game. If you enjoy word games and know the other party game we’re talking about, then you might like to add this one to your next family game night.

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