Cake Race Balancing Game Review

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Editor's Review

Each packages includes 2 3-D cakes, 2 platters, 4 rolling candles, and 6 obstacle discs. Keep your cake from rolling off the plate with this balance game! The first player places their face-down card on the plate, then turns it over to reveal a number of candles that must be balanced. Each subsequent player adds one more candle and tries to place it on top of those already balancing without knocking them all down. With 2 ways to play and a multitude of cards, you can make sure everyone has a great time playing. You’re sure to be laughing as you team up with your friends and try to cross the finish line without letting the rolling candles slide off!

Cake Race Balancing Game

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Helps kids with their fine motor skills and how to focus on a task. Great way to get social with others and 2 to 12 players can play at once.

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