National Dog Day 2016 – How to Celebrate with Your Dog

With National Dog Day 2016 around the corner, shouldn’t you be looking to do a little more to thank your canine kid for the unconditional love and joy they bring you? Check out these pup-tastic ideas that will not only pamper your pooch, but eternally enhance interaction and trust between you and your best pal.

Hiking: Take your dog on an adventure through nature. Our furry friends love to check out new sights and smells, so bring them to someplace different like a park, a patch of woods, or the beach. There are leashes like the Kurgo Quantum Leash that can be configured to allow for hands-free hiking (which is more comfortable for both of you). Also, consider a good harness like the Step-In-Cirque Harness from RC Pet, which will give your dog more independence while letting you stay in control. Depending on the duration of your expedition, you might want to bring water and a vessel for your dog to drink from. The 3-in-1 Water Bottle & Bowl from DOOG is great choice since the insulated bottle wrapper can be transformed into a waterproof bowl.

Doggy Swim Day: Let your four-legged landlubber discover the fun of playing in the water. Many dogs are natural swimmers but they never get the chance to exercise that instinct. Try taking Buddy to a lake, river, or pond that has shallow edges. Stand with them in water so they gain confidence. You can bring floating fetch toys like the Chuckit! Duck Diver, Amphibious Bumper, Water Skimmer, and Hydro Squeeze Water Toys from Petmate. Toys like these will encourage your pooch to venture a little further out until they’re actually swimming.

Canine Dining: Share a fine dining experience with your best pal. You’d be surprised how many canine-friendly restaurants there are out there (130 in New York City alone). Some of them actually have doggy themed menu items for Rex and Muffy. Others are “b.y.o.d.” or bring your own dogfood. A recent study suggests that dogs seem to covet interaction with their human over everything else, including treats and food; so joining you on an epicurean adventure would likely be a delight for your dog. To see which restaurants in your area are “pet-friendly,” visit websites like bringfido and Yelp.

Vacation: A delightful suggestion: why not take Spot on vacation? This will help eliminate separation anxiety for both you and Fido. It doesn’t have to be on a plane or train. You can take a drive to a pet friendly hotel. There are many websites like bringfido, petvacations, petswelcome, and tripswithpets that give you access to hotels that are pet-friendly as well as suggestions about interactive activities for you and your dog.

Check out the TTPM National Dog Day Photo Contest where three lucky dogs will win PetSmart gift cards. Beginning August 26th through September 1st, visit us at and click on the National Dog Day 2016 button to submit your entry. Attach a photo of your dog playing with their favorite toy, tell us their name, and why they love that toy for a chance to win.

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