Step In Cirque Harness Review (RC Pet Products)

Step In Cirque Harness
What It Is
The Step-In Cirque Harness from RC Pets is a easy-to-use dog harness for pups who may fuss when trying to put a normal harness over their heads. The harness is made from a lightweight, breathable, nylon material that doesn't seem to be uncomfortable for dogs. The Cirque Harness is designed so that your dog can simply step into it rather than having to put the harness over his head. Simply secure the Velcro tabs on the top and your dog is harnessed but, more importantly, your dog is safe from neck or throat injuries that could be caused by attaching a lead to a collar instead. Sometimes accidental injuries occur if your dog tugs, pulls, or jerks hard. The RC Pet Cirque Harness has two nickel-plated D rings to attach a leash and, by doing so, all of the pressure is on your dog's chest and shoulders rather than the neck.
Why Is It Useful?
Pet experts agree that harnessing a dog is safer and cuts down on accidental neck or throat injuries caused by tugging or pulling too hard. Also, pet parents tend not to use harnesses because they are sometimes difficult to get on, especially if you have a nervous dog. The Cirque Harness is easy to use and easy for your dog to get into. The Cirque Harness would be especially good for younger or older pet parents who may have hand mobility or strength issues.
Who It’s For
The RC Pet Cirque Harness comes in multiple sizes so it's recommended for any dog. But we do think it's especially good for smaller breeds that are prone to neck and throat injuries. These harnesses are also very good for nervous dogs that don't usually like having a harness put on them.
What To Be Aware Of
The RC Pet Cirque Harness comes in different sizes and colors.
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