[quiz] Who’s Your Inner Pokemon?

Have you wondered who your inner Pokemon is?  Whether you need a short break from playing Pokemon Go or you’re just waiting for a rare character to appear, take this short quiz to discover what your inner Pokemon is.  You could be an electrifying Pikachu, a charming Charmander or even a noble Nine Tails.  When you’re done with the quiz, check out some of the cool Pokemon products below to help make game play more fun.

Pokeproducts to Make Playing Pokemon Go More Fun

Whether you play with friends, family or just to make exercise more fun, we’ve found a way to take game play to the next level.  Click any of the images or links below and you’ll find the product for sale as well as a ton of other great ideas to show your Pokelove for Pokemon.

Pokemon Pikachu Phone Case

Pokemon Phone Cases (Pikachu, Squirtle & Teams)

Whether you’re Valor or Mystic, a Pika-fan or a member of a Squirtle Squadron, you’ll be the envy of the trainers with these cases.  Show your team spirit or your love for specific types with these awesome phone cases.  The link to the left will take you to the main shopping page where you’ll discover some awesome styles and amazing deals.

Pokemon Pokeball Battery Charger

The Pokeball Battery Charger

If you’re tired of your battery dying just as an Aerodactyl appears, never fear.  These awesome 10,000 mAh chargers with LED lights are perfect for the trainer who wants extended play.  Carry it in your bag or hang it from your pack.  Either way you won’t want to hit the trail without it.

Pokemon Pikachu Water Bottle

Waterbottles and Thermoses

From summer heat to winter chills, hydration is key to keeping comfortable while playing.  Pour a refreshing beverage in one of these fun water bottles for hot weather play or add some comforting cocoa to a thermos if you’re playing in the winter.  Either way they’re a fun way to help stay hydrated so you can keep catching bug type Pokemon instead of feeling like you caught a flu-bug.

Pokemon Ash Ketchum Baseball Cap

Ash Ketchum Baseball Caps

No matter which season was your favorite, you can sport the same look as your favorite trainer with these cool caps.  From Kanto to Kalos, fellow trainers will smile when they see you run by, then try to keep up since they know you may be the first to catch them all.

Pokemon Team Valor Tshirt

Pokemon Team Mystic Tshirt

Pokemon Team Instinct Tshirt

Team Tshirts (click a shirt above for your team!)

Whether you’re part of Mystic, Instinct or Valor, nothing shows off team pride like a cool shirt.  Click the shirt images above to discover an awesome selection of shirts so you can sport your team while playing.




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