Quantum Leash Review (Kurgo)

Quantum Leash
What It Is

The Quantum Leash from Kurgo is a multi-dimensional dog leash for active pet parents. The Quantum is engineered with durable loops sewn into the leash and an extra carabiner clip at one end. This extra clip, along with the loop design, allows users to reconfigure the leash into six modes. There is the three-foot mode for increased control and training. There is the six-foot mode for more freedom and extended sniffing. There is the hands-free, over-the-shoulder mode, which Kurgo says is ideal for hiking. The hands-around-the-waist mode, which is ideal for walking and jogging. There's also the easy-tether mode in case you need to keep Fido from wandering while you tie you shoe or are on poop patrol. The double dog walker mode is convenient if you have more than one dog. The leash also has a built in reflective strip, which is a great safety feature for night walking. Because of the loop design, the leash never binds or cinches up on you in any of the modes.

Why Is It Useful?

The Kurgo Quantum Leash could be very useful for active pet parents. It allows you to include your furry friend in most outdoor physical activities like running, hiking, or walking. Even if you're not the active type, the Quantum Leash can come in handy during dog-walking duties for those times when you need both hands whether to conduct a proper poop patrol or to take a picture with your phone. You can easily convert the leash into one of the hands-free modes and still feel like you are in control and your dog is safe. This is especially true for owners of large breeds who aren't so large themselves.

Who It’s For

The size and weight of the Quantum Leash seems to make more sense for medium to large breeds, although we think it could be used with any dog. Of course, it's ideal for dogs who enjoy physical outdoor activities with their pet parents.

What To Be Aware Of

The Kurgo Quantum Leash comes in a variety of colors. There's black and orange, red and blue, reflective grass green, reflective coastal blue, and reflective rasberry. Only the latter three have reflective strips built in.

The padded handle really doesn't work well especially in the double dog walk mode. The snaps do not stay together and we wound up removing it.

The instructions are a bit confusing, but once you figure it out, it's pretty simple.

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