Easter Basket Ideas—Candy Alternatives

For many kids, Easter means candy. Good for fun. Not so good for teeth. Parents are looking for healthy Easter basket alternatives to chocolate and other sweets.  Candy’s still dandy, but it’s best in moderation. So round out that basket with our picks for the top Easter toys for 2015.

Here are TTPM’s top 6 picks for non-candy Easter basket ideas:

1. Stack the Carrots plays like Jenga, except the blocks are carrots, and you have to move the wooden bunny head—carefully—each time you make a new level of carrots.

2. Friends and family won’t be able to stop playing with Hallmark’s Flappy Happy Chick. This funny bird dances and flaps its wings to a spring-themed parody of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”.

3. Instead of eating Peeps, why not blow bubbles with them? Each pack of Peeps Bubble Chicks  comes with three one-ounce bottles of bubble solution shaped like a Peeps chick. A bubble wand is built into the top of each bottle.

4. Your Easter basket will get super cuddly with the 16-inch Pom Pom Chick. This large soft chick wears bunny ears and is super huggable for lots of fun on Easter and all year long.

5. With its egg-shaped box and bunny theme, Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt would make a fun game to play on Easter. But its educational features, such as helping preschoolers develop their writing grip, and cute color-matching gameplay will make it a staple on your game shelf in any season.

6. Every Easter season Playmobil releases collectible playsets packaged in egg-shaped containers. There are four new themes this year, including the Playmobil Red Egg’s 50-piece Pirate with Rowboat set, which includes a pirate figure, a rowboat, and lots of cool accessories.

These Easter toys and games are so fun, your kids might not even miss the candy. (Well, maybe give ’em a jelly bean or two.) You can find even more Easter basket ideas on TTPM.


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