Top Five Easter Activities

Peter Cotton Tail is hopping ’round the bunny trail. So, to get in the Easter spirit, TTPM has put together a guide of our top five Easter-related activities and crafts to do with your family.

1. Egg dyeing is a classic Easter pastime, but the Tie Dye Egg Decorating Kit from PAAS puts a groovy, new twist on the activity. Using a dropper and a unique egg tie-dye press, this kit introduces an innovative technique to produce some truly psychedelic eggs.

2. Keep your eggs green this Easter with eco-kids’ Eco-Eggs Egg Coloring Kit. Perfect for the eco-conscious family, this kit offers a full set of dyes made with all-natural and organic fruit, plant, and vegetable extracts for decorating.

3. Why wait for the Easter bunny to come hopping over to your house when you can craft your own? With eBoo’s Pipe Cleaner Bunny Colors, kids can create their own springtime bunnies out of pink and white pipe cleaners.

4. Cracking confetti eggs, or cascarones, over your head is said to bring good luck in some cultures. So add a bit of luck and some extra fun to your Easter celebration this year with the Silly Rabbit’s pre-made Confetti Eggs.

5. Forget hatching chicks. Hatch some prehistoric fun this Easter with the Animal Planet Hatch Ems Dinosaurs from SCS Direct. Place these eggs in water to grow your own toy Tyrannosaurus Rex, Ankylosaurus, and Triceratops. While this isn’t a traditional activity toy, we think it’s a fun alternative to egg-dyeing and kids will love hatching their own dinosaurs.

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