7 Tips for Picking the Perfect Stroller

Congrats! You’re having a baby, and now you have to pick out a stroller. Where do you begin? Do you go for fashion or function? Do you get the pneumatic tires? What about UV rays? What about the storage? Can it handle the streets of New York? Can it go off-roading? Hey, and don’t forget: how do you look pushing it? (This is New York, after all!)

Picking out a stroller is not easy. The choices are endless and there seem to be no shortage of bells and whistles when it comes to accessorizing your baby’s first ride. Style, function, weight, longevity and size all are important factors to consider when narrowing down your choice. But where do you start?

We’ve got you covered with our best tips on finding the perfect stroller for your needs.

You ready? Here we go…

  1. Function – Do you need an everyday stroller or a jogging stroller? A jogging stroller should have larger wheels that can handle all terrains while the everyday stroller, to run errands or long days at the zoo, should have smaller wheels that handle corners and subways.
  2. Storage – When shopping for an everyday stroller, the under seat storage basket space is important. Ask yourself – How accessible is it? Is it enough to store your groceries, toys and whatever else you are toting around that day? A full day with your child requires a full basket. This is not as important with jogging strollers because you really don’t want to be jogging around with extra weight.
  3. Ease of fold. – The good ole EOF. Ease. Of. Fold. Standing at the top or bottom of the NYC subways stairs with a stroller, baby and no elevator anywhere in sight is an everyday challenge. So an easy-to-fold stroller is a must for the urban parent. Many strollers now have a one –hand, quick fold that is helpful for this exact situation.
  4. Size – The stroller might be great but how much precious real estate does it take up in your home or trunk of your car? A compact fold is important for travel and convenient storage.
  5. Canopy Size – A generous canopy is fairly important to ensure the glaring sun doesn’t disrupt your sleeping babe. Look for the stretch of the canopy and whether it protects from UV rays.
  6. Easy to clean – Kid are messy, strollers get messy. Make sure the seat is easily washable or wipeable.
  7. Car Seat Compatible – Is this stroller compatible with your infant car seat. Find a stroller that’s click-in compatible or accommodates a universal car seat adapter.

BONUSEasy to maneuver. It’s important that the stroller you choose is easy to maneuver. Can you move it around with one hand while you wrangle the dog, other child or coffee in the other hand?

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