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Pokemon Toy Reviews

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Pokémon Go has people all over the world playing and hunting Pokémon monsters. But what about when you want to put down your device and play in the real world? Well, TTPM has you covered there. This is where you'll discover cool Pokémon toys, action figures, games and role play items to encourage creative play with these now-classic characters.

Like the best action figures, and other character-based toys, Pokémon toys inspire tons of narrative-based play and encourage kids to express themselves through becoming Pokémon trainers. Plus, Pokémon play is also about collecting, categorizing and lots of other activities that engage and entertain kids. Check out all the toys here, with more coming all the time!

And, if you want to play a little more, take our quiz: Which Pokémon Character Are You? The answer may surprise you!

Pokemon Trainer Trivia Game

Pokemon Trainer Trivia Game

from Ultra Pro $24.99

Pokemon Magikarp

Pokemon Magikarp

from Wicked Cool Toys $19.99

Detective Pikachu Trading Card Sets

Detective Pikachu Trading Card Sets

from Pokemon Company International $9.99

MEGA Construx Pokemon Sets

MEGA Construx Pokemon Sets

from MEGA Brands $6.99

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