Time to Play: Top 10 Back to School Supplies

Back to school shopping is my favorite time of the year because I have two little ones ages 3 and 4 who love to do activities.

Though we are not in preschool yet, we do many education activities as well as crafting throughout the year.

Some of our must have supplies are purchased during this time of year. Not only are they all on display easy to find in stores, but they are mostly on sale too.

When it comes to our activities we usually use 3-5 items from our supplies so having them on hand at all times is a must.

Here are 10 of our must have back to school supplies for our home:

  1. Pencils- We like to stock up on #2 pencils but we also have the cute decorated pencils for rewards.
  2. Erasers- If you’re kids are like mine we tend to lose the top of our erasers first. It’s great to have the jumbo pink erasers on hand when needed.
  3. Crayons- We keep a box of 24 crayons for each of the kids.
  4. Markers- Washable markers preferably.
  5. Paper- Plain white copy paper and Construction paper- Basic colors red, blue, yellow, orange, black, brown are a must.
  6. Scissors- A pair of kid safety scissors preferably the ones with plastic instead of metal.
  7. Pipe cleaners- The glittery or plain will do great with any craft or activity.
  8. Adhesive- Glue, tape, glue dots, a stapler or even our new favorite washi-tape!
  9. Glitter- You can never have too much glitter, this comes in handy on special projects!
  10. Hole punchers- We not only have the regular circle punch but fun shaped ones too.

Lastly, I like to keep our supplies in a plastic storage container to make clean up and organization easy. I hope this helps get you started on an awesome school year! What fun things do you have planned for back to school?

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