Nintendo 3DS XL


Nintendo just launched the 3DS XL, a larger version of the 3DS. The XL features a main 3D screen that is nearly 5-inches large (diagonally) as compared to the original 3DS’ 3.53-inches. The lower touch-screen has also grown from 3.02-inches to 4.18-inches. If you have seen the DSi XL, then you have an idea of the size of the new 3DS XL. The size increase makes for a great 3D gaming experience that is still extremely portable.

In addition to the larger size, the 3DS XL also features a better battery with longer battery life. The XL still features the elements that make the original so much fun including the front and back cameras, 3D Camera, circle pad controller, 3D Depth Slider and pre-loaded software.

Nintendo has also released the latest Mario game–New Super Mario Bros. 2–this week as the perfect compliment to the new handheld system. For the first time, Nintendo is selling a game through multiple options, including on a cartridge (as they usually do) and as a download through the Nintendo eShop on the 3DS XL (or 3DS). Regardless of how you buy the game, the price is $39.99.

The 3DS XL is available now for $199.99. I’ll have a full review on Time To Play as soon as I get my hands on one.

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