Tappin’ Colors 2-in-1 Xylophone Review

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Editor's Review

LeapFrog has taken some classic toys and made them out of 100-percent FSC-certified wood. With the Tappin’ Colors 2-in-1 Xylophone, toddlers can explore two musical instruments at once. There’s an interactive xylophone with light-up keys and a removable tambourine. This means kids can play music with a friend or sibling! Turn on the xylophone and play in one of four modes.

In Jam Along mode, kids strike the keys with the mallet to play along however they want. This mode has nine songs and three instrument sounds. In Games mode, kids follow the lights to play eight well-known tunes. Instrument Sounds mode encourages kids to strike the keys with the mallet to make up their own songs while hearing xylophone, glockenspiel, and strings sounds. And whenever kids tap a key in Colors & Numbers mode, they’ll hear its color or number.

When the tambourine is attached to the xylophone, it acts as a holder for the two double-sided music cards. These cards tell kids which color key to tap in order to play “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”, “Looby Loo”, “Twinkle, Twinkle”, and “The Muffin Man”.

Two AA batteries are included. The toy has two levels of volume. There’s even space for storing the mallet on the back of the xylophone.

Tappin' Colors 2-in-1 Xylophone

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With two musical instruments and four play modes, this toy gives kids lots of different ways to jam out and play. It’s a fun way to introduce kids to colors and numbers, while also helping them develop fine motor skills. Plus, it’s just fun and creative music play!


  • 2 musical instruments
  • 4 play modes
  • Helps with fine motor skills
  • Introduces colors and numbers
  • Encourages creative music play


  • None

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