Space Maxx 3-in-1 Blast Off Booster Rocket Review

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Editor's Review

Imaginations are ready for take-off with the Space Maxx 3-in-1 Blast Off Booster Rocket. This two-foot toy drives, lights up, plays sounds and phrases, and detaches into three separate vehicles. 

Press the F (forward) or R (reverse) buttons to make the vehicle drive forward or backward. It doesn’t go very far with just one push of either button, and sometimes the back wheels had trouble getting traction with our floor, so it didn’t move at all. The red button in between the direction buttons activate lights and sound effects. 

Hold up the black-and-white lever to raise up the rocket 90 degrees so it is ready to launch. To lower the rocket, hold down the lever. The rocket easily slides off of the base vehicle, and it has a green button that activates more lights and sounds. 

If you press and hold the red button on the rocket, you can detach the rocket transport vehicle from the top. Pressing its green button activates lights and sounds. There’s also an opening cockpit with two small seats inside, but no action figures are included.

The toy includes three cell batteries and three AA batteries. There are no instructions for how to use the toy, so we just had to press buttons and figure it out on our own. Some customers have been confused as to why there is no battery compartment on the rocket booster section. That’s because the battery compartment on the rocket transport vehicle powers both sections when they are attached.

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Should I get it?

It’s definitely cool that you can separate this into three parts and that it has lights, sounds, and realistic Mission Control phrases. Once you figure out how everything works, it is easy for kids to activate everything, and it will certainly inspire imaginative play. We just wish some of the toy’s functions functioned better.


3 vehicles in 1
Lights up and plays realistic sounds and phrases
Inspires imaginative play


Doesn’t come with instructions
Doesn’t come with any action figures
Not all of the features functioned well

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